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Imagen de PPJoy
Approval level: 83%
Updated : 2007-09-07
Downloads this week: 19.779
Times recommended: 0
Category: PC Tools
SubCategory: Drivers
Type: Freeware
Size: 1.853kb.
Language: Program in English or Multilanguage   

"Free driver pack for games that operate on Playstation, SNES, Sega and Genesis that also includes a joystick simulator for the mouse."

Gaming consoles have become extremely popular over last few years, but have been around for decades, Over that time various consoles have brought their own gamepads. If you've always wanted to play your console games on your PC, but find it difficult to really get the true feel of a game because the gamepad driver is missing, what you need is PPJoy 0.83. PPJoy 0.83 is a free driver pack for digital joysticks and gamepads (Playstation, SNES, Sega and Genesis) which are connected via a parallel port (PPJoy stands for Parallel Port Joystick). However, it also supports other peripherals via a virtual joystick.

There are many USB joysticks that are difficult to install and configure. PPJoy is the free first program to solve these problems. It also lets you simulate a joystick with the mouse, something very important for those who want to enjoy a game but don't have a joystick, and also for those nostalgic for the old days who want to play older consoles like the Atari. PPJoy 0.83 automatically detects a joystick or gamepad when it is connected via a parallel port, and allows you to configure it in Windows. Youo can also create a map of the various buttons and thus configure them as you like for the game you are playing.

A highly recommended program for fans of PC gaming, and free!

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